Curtain Care & Repairs
- take-down and rehang
- verticals, austrian
- roman blinds
- rubber-back, lined
- sheer fabrics
Personal Items
Doonas, Bedspreads
Wedding Gowns
We received an award from the Drycleaning Institute for "Industry Man of the Year, 1980". Sydney Jackson What are you waiting for? Contact us

Welcome to Winston Valet Service

Our family owned business started in 1966.

Our business "Winston Drycleaners" has had a few changes along its path to where we are today. Originally, we took over an existing business with depot drivers and deliveries. (We grew to being a larger business and the work came to us) We did away with the drivers and diversified.

We registered another business being "Winston Textiles" and we did innovative processing of wool fabrics for the Australian Wool Board. Permanent press trousers began as a new fashion trend using a process also applied to wool jumpers/cardigans knitwear making them machine washable. We diversified again when that process was applied to the yarn as it was made and our process was no longer required.

Labelling of fabric types and care methods for cleaning was always a problem for drycleaners, so after lengthy discussions by the Drycleaning Association.... we instigated that care labels are now applied to most garments.

We started to do more domestic and commercial curtain cleaning, offering a take-down and rehang service. Many people appreciate this service and we have a new name for this part of the Company - "Curtain Care Cleaning Service". All three (3) names are under the parent company Winston Valet Service Pty. Ltd.

We have especially extended our work to schools, theatres, churches, studios, and many other institutions. In order to maintain this service, we have installed very large cleaning equipment together with extensive hanging space to provide for the air-drying of these fabrics.

Fire-retarding is another service that our Company can apply to the fabrics, using our specially developed chemicals. This treatment requires the accrediation by Australian Wool Testing Authority (A.W.T.A.) and we issue a Certificate of Compliance to all the work processed.

Our Services

Curtain Care Includes vertical blinds, austrian, roman blinds, rubber-back, lined and sheer fabrics. Take-down and re-hang.

Doonas, Bedspreads & Blankets

Personal Items Like clothes - dresses, business suits & more

Wedding Gowns

Fire-retarding service